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Music Files

These are simply teaching examples and not performance files. You will find both files from the figerstyle grades initial to grade eight.

Link to finger style grades

You will also find links to youtube performances of Rockschool pieces in grades Debut to Grade Eight lower down the page.

Link to Rockschool grades


The following are some QUICK recordings I have done (often just sight reading) so that students have access to the musical examples that they are working on. I am sorry that the recording quality is not always high. The pieces belong to the Guitarhutt grade system - grades from Initial to Grade 8. Recording of these pieces is in progress.

Please click on the file to play it. You will need a local media player for these mp3 files. Or you may want to copy them onto a portable device like an mp3 player.

Initial Pieces

Grade One

Its just a matter of time

Grade Two

Grade Three

Grade Four

Grade Five

Grade Six

Los Suenos - Piazzolla

Grade Seven

Prelude in C Major - J S Bach

Grade Eight


Other pieces

imagine - lennon

alberta - leadbelly

walk dont run


Debut - click the links below to youtube examples

Grade 1


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