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Adults and Music

Playing music can give much pleasure to the player and the listeners.
It cheers people up and encourages them.
It is a socialable thing to do togther.
It can bring great joy and comfort.
It gives real meaning to life.
It helps us discover ourselves and express ourselves more fully.
What a great gift of life music is!

Of course people of any age can play and enjoy music.
Not everyone will get to the same level.
But you don't need to be a world champion to get pleasure out of making music yourself or sharing it with others.
For example, at residential music schools, I have often heard the keen amater play with beautiful musical feeling
in a way that is not always matched by the professional who is playing all the time.

Some things that are required are that you are keen to play, that you can put aside some practise time on a regular basis,
and that you have the right equipment. Another thing that can be helpful is the following support

The support could include:

We can shape the learning program to your experience and inclinations. However we do have a structured course which
we would generally encourage you to follow.

Starting Out

If you are a raw beginner I would suggest you use the same book we start on with children. It is enjoyable and supports
you to develop a good foundation of guitar skills. It is called "Guitar for Kids".
After this is complete you will have some tunes you can play and you will be able to accompany yourself on several songs
by strumming the chords.

After this book is finished, which would normally take about 2 terms. After this we would establish a program of learning for you that focusses on Pop/Rock or Fingerstyle/Classical or a mix of the two. This will teach a wide range of guitar and musical skills and music from a wide range of styles.
We can also include extra pieces of interest to you.

Next Steps

You can start to prepare for a Trinity exam if you wish. This can be in Pop/Rock or Classical. This is not compulsory! Some people go just fine without the demands of an exam system.
For others, the exams are a great motivator to help you progress. Whether you actually sit this exam or not, it can be a good
focus for ongoing development. It gives a sense of achievement and a sense of progress. It mainly involves the learning of
three pieces and some technical exercises. For the exams you will need to decide which technique you wish to pursue:
This can be:
plectrum guitar (which focuses more on rock, pop and jazz) or
fingerstyle guitar (which focuses more on music from both the classical world and jazz as well as from a wide range of
cultures and styles).

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