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For some people exams can be a great motivator.
They provide a direction for development.
They provide outside feedback on progress.
The fact that there is an exam coming up encourages more focussed work on pieces and technique.

For other people, exams can be the wrong thing.
Exams produce much stress that is unhelpful.
Some people are motivated by other things rather than exams.
Some people are motivated quite enough just by their love of music.
Or perhaps by a performing opportunity coming up.

People are different.

However - the Trinity Exam system offers a very well considered set of graded pieces and technical exercises
that can guide your development very effectively for finger style guitar.

The Rockschool system offers a well considered set of graded pieces andf etchnical exercises for plectrum style guitar playing.

Therefore, once you have moved beyond the early stages of learning, I like to use the Trinity Syllabus or Rockschool Syllabus to
structure our lessons - whether you choose to take exams or not.

So - for those who choose to - we can prepare you for these exams.


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