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Welcome to the Hutt Guitar School.My name is Mike Wespel-Rose and I am the tutor at the Hutt Guitar School.
I have a Bachelor of Music degree in Guitar performance (from Victoria University).
I have a lifetime of playing, studying, learning and teaching experience in music and the guitar.
I am a currectly registered secondary school teacher.

What we offer:
Maybe you just want to learn to play a few solo pieces in jazz, pop or classical style.
Maybe you want to start working through the Trinity College set of grades where you will be exposed to a
fascinating variety of styles of music with increasing challenge.
Maybe you want to learn a few songs with guitar accompaniment.
Maybe you want to do a bit of all of these.

Then - The Hutt Guitar School is the place for you.
Over many years I have done many things in music including...
See page - "About Mike Wespel-Rose"

Listen to Mike play here (click the link below)

Fields of Gold - Sting 2 Gavottes from Cello Suite - J S Bach
Taking a chance on love - John Latouche Air on the G string - J S Bach
Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Harold Arlen Whispering
Slow Waltz - Mike Wespel-Rose (yours truly!) Thiefs Song - Catalonian Folk Song
Los Suenos (The Dream) - Astor Piazzolla Vivaldi Concerto in A Major - 1st Movement
Tango of the Night - Vincent Lindsey-Clark  
Don't get round much anymore - Duke Ellington  
Prelude in C -J S Bach  


Ways of playing the guitar

There are essentially two ways to do the picking/plucking part of playing the guitar. They are "finger style" and "plectrum".

Styles of Playing
There are many different styles of guitar playing. They include:
Classical. Music played in the last 500 years in many different cultures. Lots of modern music is rooted in the music from
these cultures. Played only fingerstyle
Rock and Pop - uses a pick normally, but many performers include fingerstyles techniques as well. Example is Mark Knoffler
from Dire Straits.

Jazz - Played both fingerstyle and with a pick. The history of Jazz is about 100 years old. However Jazz grew out of older
music like the blues and gospel music.

Country Music - Mainly originated in Ireland and Scotland but grew and developed in many other parts of the world.
Played both fingerstyle and with a pick.

Folk Music - This is really the traditional music from all the different cultures of the world. Music styles such as classical,
country, jazz and pop often has it's origins in folk music
. Played both fingerstyle and with a pick.

At the Hutt Guitar School our specialty is finger style guitar. But we play and teach introduction plectrum guitar as well.

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