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Buying a guitar


There are three main sorts of guitar:

Steel Strung Acoustic; Classical Nylon Strung; Electric
You can see them in the pictures.

There are two basic ways to play guitar - Finger Style or with a pick.

If you wish to learn to play finger style, it is easier to start with a nylon strung guitar. The space between the strings is greater
and therefore easier to start. Also the nylon strings are easier on the fingers. However, there are also many people who play finger style on steel strung acoustic or electric guitars.

If you wish to play with a pick, it is easier to start on a steel strung guitar. This can be acoustic or electric. Of course an electric
guitar also needs an amp.

Of course, partcular types of guitar and ways of playing go together with different styles of music.

For smaller hands it is better to get a smaller guitar. Ask us about what would be the right guitar for you.

Overall it pays to get advice from an expert. If we meet I can suggest what will best fit your needs and where you can purchase
a good instrument for a fair price and perhaps with a useful "buy back" deal.

It is important that your instrument is set up well. A badly setup instrument can making playing much much harder and also much less satisfying. We can help you with this but also help you select a good value instrument in the first place.

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