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Fees and terms


The first introduction lesson is FREE. In this lesson we will discuss what you would like to achieve and how I can help you with that. If you decide that lessons with me are not for you, there is no charge for this first lesson. If you decide that lessons with me ARE for you, this lesson is also free!

Fees must be paid by the end of the second lesson of a term.

Lessons will generally be one to one. Lessons for two or three students may be able to be organised at a reduced individual fee.

Beginning students

For beginning students we will first start by using a book called "Guitar for Kids Method Book "
This book is a fun and interesting way to get chord and single note playing going in an accessible way.
The cost of this book is extra to tution fees and costs $25. This is much cheaper than normal shop prices.

Once this book is complete, students need to decide on the next steps. I may recommend that grade exams are taken to give direction and motivation. However, exams work better for some people than others.

More advanced students

Students with previous guitar playing experience may well bypass this initial work and move immediately to more advanced learning material. This could be in the areas of fingerstyle classical, pop, jazz or plectrum rock school work.

Lessons are given per 10 week term.
Your 10 week term starts on the date of your first lesson and continues for the following 9 weeks.Lessons will normally be suspended during normal school holidays. However lessons may be offered optionally during these breaks for students who are interested.

Lessons are 30 minutes
Up to 1 missed lessons may be able to be added to the lessons in the current term at no extra cost. After this, all other missed lessons will be charged for.
Remember - the first introduction lesson is free!

Adults (fully waged)
Individual lesson .......... $33 per lesson which is $330 per term.
Lessons with 2 pupils ... $20 per lesson which is $200 per term each.
Lessons with 3 pupils ... $15 per lesson which is $150 per 10 week term each.

In general I find that the most successful progress is made in individual 30 minute lessons.

School Students, benificiaries
Lessons with 1 pupil in a class .....$28 per lesson which is $280 per 10 week term.
Lessons with 2 pupils in a class ... $18 per pupil per lesson which is $189 per 10 week term . This is a rate of $36 combined cost for the lesson or $360 for the term.
Lessons with 3 pupils in a class ... $15 per pupil per lesson which is $150 per 10 week term per pupil.

Casual lessons - $40 per half hour

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