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Teaching Repetoire and Composers

On this page you find the list of some of the present repetoire pieces taught in the Guitarhutt fingerstyle syllabus. This is a work in progress and only completed to grade 2 so far. Also there is a link for each piece where relevant to information about the composer of the piece on Wikipedia. Click on the compsers name to access the information. Please check this out for any pieces you are playing. It is both interesting but can also help you play the piece better.

Grade Initial

Piece Composer Sound File - click name
Majorca John Compton Majorca
Allegro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - link Allegro
What then is Love Philip Rossiter - Link What then is Love
Winter Antonio Vivaldi - link Winter


Grade one

Piece Composer Sound File
Vals Ferdinando Carulli - link  
Hall of the Mountain King Eduard Grieg - link  
Maleguena Traditional  
Walz in E minor Ferdinando Carulli - link  
Andante Ferdinando Carulli - link  
Lesson Jose Ferrer - link  
Kalamtianos John Anderson  
Matiexias-duet Traditional  
Tears in Heaven-duet Eric Clapton - link  
Old French song-duet Peter Tchaikowsky - link  
Minuet-duet Jean-Baptiste Lully - link  
Dedicatoria-duet Enrique Granados - link  
Minuet in G-duet J S Bach - link  
House of the Rising Sun Traditional  


Grade 2

Piece Composer Sound File
Minuet -duet Joesph Haydn - link  
Vals Cerda  
Can she excuse-duet John Dowland - link  
Hupfauf Hans Neusiedler - link  
Vals- duet Fernando Sor - link  
Musette J S Bach - link  
Lezione - duet Ferdinando Carulli-link  
O Pulo Do B Johnathan Preiss  
Acordai - Duet Traditional  
Orlando Sleepth John Dowland - link  
Study in G Fernando Sor - link  
Danza Pastorale Antonio Vivaldi - link  
Ejercicio Jose Ferrer - link  
Allegro Mauro Giulliani - link  
Lesson in C Fernando Sor - link  
Ballroom Blues Richard Wright  
You are my sunshine Jimmy Davis  


Grade 3

Grade 4

Walk dont Run - Johnny Smith

Taling a Chance on Love - John Latouche

Grade 5

Tango of the Night - Vincent Clarke

Imagine - John Lennon

Fields of Gold - Sting

Grade 6

Los Suenos - Piazzolla

Grade 7

Dont Get Round Much Anymore - Duke Ellington

Prelude in C - J S Bach

Grade 8

Somewhere over the Rainbow - Howard Arlen



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